ETII) Could Take Utah’s Early-Stage Cannabis Market by Storm

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2018 / In October, a national Gallup poll found that a supermajority of Americans now supports the legalization of marijuana, 66 percent to 32 percent.

Utah has decided to join the growing number of states legalizing medical marijuana and expanding Medicaid to cover tens of thousands more low-income residents.

With the Medicaid vote, Utah joins two other Republican-leaning states, Idaho and Nebraska, where voters also approved expanding the program under President Barack Obama’s health care law.

According to a recent report issued by New Frontier Data, the U.S. CBD industry grew by nearly 40% in 2017, reaching $367 million in sales across hemp-derived and marijuana-derived markets. This marks the first year that sales of hemp-derived CBD products outpaced marijuana-derived CBD products. Much of the recent growth has come from the demand for hemp-derived CBD for use in health and wellness products.

The green rush is upon us, and EnviroTechnologies International, Inc. is worth keeping a close eye on this month.

After being acquired by EnviroTechnologies International, Inc. (OTC PINK: ETII), a publicly listed company based in Utah, in January, CBD Health Co. (, a company that markets and sells high quality and proprietary hemp-based, natural CBD health products, announced the launch of a sister fitness and media company that will market fitness hemp-based products and health films.

Hemp products are now used in sports medicine to control pain, decrease inflammation and reduce stress; hemp-based products have also been found to aid in bone, nerve and tissue regeneration, which are particularly relevant and needed remedies in the amateur and professional sports arenas. As of January 2018, The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has curtailed its probation for athletes using hemp-based products as health remedies and, as of 2018, amateur and professional athletes will not be disqualified from their individual sports for using hemp products.

EnviroTechnologies International, Inc. (OTC PINK: ETII), has already one foot in the rapidly expanding sixty-billion-dollar CBD pet industry market. Earlier this year, the Company announced that its subsidiary, CBD Health Co., (, a company that markets and sells high quality and proprietary hemp-based, natural CBD health products, is prepared to launch a unique hemp-based pet supplement product.

”We are excited to launch our premier CBD product line for pets. These new products have been in the works for some time as we realize the growth of the pet market and its importance to the domestic and international markets,” said Jo De Leon, CBD’s President. ”The new line will include tinctures, balms, treats and food supplies. The line creates great synergy for both our company, and the consumer, as both can enjoy the benefits from hemp-based products.”

Humans use hemp products to treat chronic pain, epilepsy, and anxiety. Dosing pets with CBD is an emerging trend among pet owners in the US and internationally. Medical studies have shown CBD to have a potent anti-arthritic therapeutic action, also including benefits for nausea, seizures, anxiety, and cancer. The pet food and product markets have grown to over $7 billion worldwide, nearly doubling since 2000.

We intend to work closely with veterinarian doctors attending trade shows, and launching national campaigns to penetrate the market. Along the way, we will educate the public on safe and natural ways to treat their pets.

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